Meet Nick & Haans

Its a Love Hate relationship.

What is going on here ??

emVee studio is regularly on the move as they follow Haans around cooking adventures with exciting guests at interesting locations. Consequently all photos are property of emVee studio so please don’t rip anything off without permission from Hooker or she will come at ya like a screaming banshee. If you see something you like, drop her a note at and she will discuss things with you over a glass of bubbly (your shout)

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We are a passionate mob


Chief Harasser

Photography/Videography & Producer

As a Sea Shepherd crew member and licensed private investigator, Haans has travelled the world on many exciting and dangerous missions. Her time hiding in bushes and doing car chases will be on hold as each week she will have guests on her show whom she can steal their recipes and drink guilt free cos she’s a wino with a glass of bubbly regularly clutched in her hand. Keep checking in to keep up with her take on cruelty free products for all uses around the home such as cleaning products, cosmetics, food and of course alcohol.

Nick likes to spend his days caressing his vintage ford, listening to blues music,
cooking up magnificent meals and harassing Haans to the best of his ability. He
is meticulous in his approach to all of these. Particularly cooking – he is the ace
of veganising no vegan recipes He also likes to spend time at the beach with
his rescue doggies Lily and Daisy, but not too much, because less time spent at
the beach means more time to harass Haans.

Hooker has a face for radio but couldn’t get into the industry so took up photography/filming up instead. She likes red in the winter and sparkling in the
summer, both accompanied by the finest of hot chip obtainable (sometimes they
are not so fine, but a bad hot chip is better than no hot chip). A long time ago she
used to exercise and eat a lot of salad, but thankfully she got over that and is much
more fun now.

  • This is the face i pull when ever i see Haans... ooohhh yessss HOT
    Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony
  • Dear barecravings crew, should i stay blonde? or go back to brunette.. love you guys xxxx
    Christina Hardy
    Christina Hardy
  • I am really enjoying the gratitious consumption of alcohol, makes the experience feel "real"
    Jane Bennett
    Jane Bennett
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